In the Beginning

My first memory was waking up in the hospital at 3 years old. I had been hit by a speeding car and landed about 40 yards down the road. I remember having a bandage around my head and around my arm, but nothing else. I remember my mother being there when I awoke. But beyond that I had no memory of my life, and very little of that lost memory has ever come back to me. When I got home my mother left me at the area where the dining room starts and the living room ends and she went into the kitchen. There were many people there, and I wondered who these people were and how they relate to me. My mother then came out of the kitchen with a candle-lit cake and proceeded to sing happy birthday. It was my sister’s birthday. In the end I found out that 7 of the people were my siblings, a few were cousins, a few others were friends of my sisters. I didn’t speak at the time, and didn’t intelligibly speak until I was about 5. However, I could say some small sets of words. My second memory of 1969 was hearing my brother Paul say the word “decade”, and I asked what it was. It was the first vocabulary word I remember learning.